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From flawless event management to creating personalized fan experiences, fostering loyalty, and revolutionizing the world of digital collectibles, CounterTEN is the game-changing solution for pro sports organizations
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The CounterTEN Pro Sports Platform

A ticketing booth with people lining up to purchase tickets

Ticketing and event management

Seamlessly organize pro sports events with CounterTEN. From ticketing to payments, our platform ensures a smooth experience inside and outside the venue with our patent-pending verification system. Simplify event management and create unforgettable experiences.

A fan shaking hands with a professional athlete

Premium fan experiences

Offer loyal fans access to exclusive perks, such as VIP seating, pre-game meet-and-greets with players, and special behind-the-scenes experiences, creating unforgettable memories and a deeper bond with your fans.

A trophy room with many medals and trophies lined up along the wall and shelves

Digital collectibles and memorabilia

Offer limited edition and customized memorabilia and collectibles, allowing fans to own a piece of your team’s history and foster a sense of pride and loyalty. Set rules for availability on the secondary market and bring digital collectibles into Apple and Google wallets, exclusively offered by CounterTEN.

A retail store with a large sign that says SALE

Loyalty and retail promotions

Develop loyalty programs to reward and recognize dedicated fans, offering exclusive benefits, discounts, and promotions to drive continued support for your team. Seamlessly integrate digital vouchers and offers into tickets and collectibles, enabling in-store redemption globally. Use real-time airdrops to gamify the redemption process for an enhanced fan experience.

Basketball player
Basketball rookie card
Football Player
Professional Men Soccer Rookie Card
Digital Collectibles for Events, Loyalty and Rewards

Platform features

Ethical fan data collection

Ethically collect and analyze valuable fan data, ensuring privacy and compliance while gaining actionable insights to enhance your pro sports strategies and deliver personalized experiences

A person in a store handing a piece of paper to the sales person behind the counter
A soccer team all grouped together on a field and waving at the fans

Exclusive opportunities to connect with athletes, teams and leagues

Offer fans exclusive opportunities to interact with their favorite pro athletes, fostering memorable connections both online and in-person. 

A soccer team all grouped together on a field and waving at the fans

New revenue streams

Unlock additional revenue opportunities by leveraging CounterTEN’s platform, allowing you to explore innovative ways to monetize your pro sports events beyond ticket sales.

A sports store with jerseys, hats and socks against the back wall
A person in a sports uniform looking at their phone and smiling

Personalized content and interactions

Enhance fan engagement experiences with personalized content and interactions tailored to their preferences and interests, fostering deeper connections and engagement. 

A person in a sports uniform looking at their phone and smiling

Instant event notifications and promotions

Stay connected with fans by providing instant updates and exciting promotions in real-time, keeping them informed and engaged throughout their experience. 

A person watching a sports match on TV and holding their phone, with the words "Congrats, you've won! on" the phone screen
A pro athlete autographing a football for a fan

Elevated fan engagement

Create meaningful connections with your pro sports fans through interactive experiences, personalized content, and innovative engagement strategies that foster a deeper and more engaging relationship.

A pro athlete autographing a football for a fan

Improved athlete exposure and marketing

Increase athlete exposure and enhance your marketing efforts by leveraging CounterTEN’s platform, providing opportunities to showcase athletes and drive targeted promotional campaigns, boosting overall brand visibility and reach.

Autograph session with a professional football player and his fans

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