CounterTEN is the first mainstream NFT platform for Brand Engagement, Access and Utility.

Access Tokens or Pure Collectibles? The choice is yours. Create and sell NFTs that represent VIP and premium access, membership and DAO access, travel reservations and rentals, live events, company perks, CEO roundtables, BOGOs, coupons and discounts, product launches and thousands of other applications.

Sample Venue NFT
Sample Travel NFT
Digital NFT Rookie Card
Sample Starbucks NFT
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Support Ukraine Disaster Relief with CounterTEN

Join us in raising money for Ukraine Disaster Relief. Every dollar raised will go directly towards the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy Relief (CDP). CounterTEN will pay for credit card fees and blockchain transaction (gas) fees to ensure that 100% of the money raise will go to these worthwhile causes. Click here to purchase the Ukraine Disaster Relief NFT for $36 today!

NFTs Done Right!

The NFT craze is a growing phenomenon. CounterTEN has developed a platform that allows brands to deepen their relationship with customers far beyond what is currently available in the NFT marketplace. Whether it's to increase revenue, engagement, or both - CounterTEN provides flexibility to any business looking to create and sell NFTs. Create NFTs for event access and specialized VIP perks. Create NFTs for upcoming product launches. Create NFTs for access to people, celebrities, businesses, conferences, parties, night clubs and trade shows. Create NFTs for pure collectibles, BOGO deals, memberships, property rentals and more. The possibilities are endless.

Why CounterTEN?

Complete Control over the NFT Creation Process
Customize the number of NFT drops, tokens per drop, price per token - and access a full design studio to make every NFT look spectacular.
Direct Embed for Added Security
Provide customers with a dedicated NFT purchase page, or better yet, embed the NFT drop directly on your website using two lines of JavaScript. We put an end to scams and fraud.
Download NFTs to your Mobile Wallet
Allow your customers to download NFTs to their Apple or Google wallets - exactly as they would a boarding pass or prepaid store card.
Instant NFT Verification IRL
Verify NFTs instantly using our patent-pending QR code verification system. No specialized hardware or software is required - and NFT authenticity and ownership is displayed in 3 seconds.
Oh, and did we mention...
that setting up an NFT drop on our platform is 100% FREE, Nada, $0.00, Bure (that's FREE in Swahili)? We charge a small transaction fee only when an NFT is purchased by a customer, which means that the only time WE make money is when YOU make money.

Store your NFTs on your Phone

Download NFTs to your Apple / Google Wallet
Customers are familiar with downloading boarding passes and gift cards to their Apple/Google Wallets. CounterTEN adopts the same model to showcase and verify purchased NFTs. And they can be branded with your company's logo and any image representing the NFT - or branded using a selection of over 5,000 beautiful icons, each one available in a choice of 16 colors.
Utility Tokens and Pure Collectibles Live Happily Together
CounterTEN offers many types of NFTs. Customers can curate their collection by showcasing NFTs in their Apple/Google wallet. Branded NFTs live together and are viewable separately from other collections. So, whether a person is showcasing their collectibles - or using utility NFTs for exclusive access - everything is beautifully arranged and easy to use.
Secure and Independently Verifiable
Verify any NFT using the QR code on the digital pass. The validity of the NFT and the owner of the associated digital wallet is shown immediately on the phone scanning the QR code. Verification takes seconds and no specialized hardware of software is required.

Target Markets

Solana Blockchain

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