Digital identity, events, experiences, and loyalty

empowering sports brands to cultivate profound and enduring connections with their fans.

Meet CounterTEN, a dynamic technology platform for youth, collegiate, and pro sports organizations. We offer solutions for events, premium experiences, digital identity, collectibles, and loyalty. Our mission is to empower sports brands to cultivate profound and enduring connections with their fans. We do this by providing opportunities to remove points of friction at events, enhance digital identity, communicate with fans before, during and after events, and facilitate sponsorship activation. Our unique, patent-pending technology is built into every smartphone without requiring an app download – making adoption a breeze for everyone, everywhere.

Events and Experiences

Events and Experiences

Smart ticketing, premium experiences, loyalty, and retail promotions

Youth Sports

Youth Sports

Digital identity, tournaments, credentialing, and sponsorship activation

NIL, Collegiate, and Pro Sports

NIL, Collegiate, and Pro Sports

Digital collectibles, NIL opportunities, new athlete revenue streams for collectives and athletes 



LAN events, Esports athlete collectibles, loyalty, and brand partnerships

Football athlete stats

The CounterTEN platform

A soccer team all grouped together on a field and waving at the fans

Transforming events and premium experiences

CounterTEN redefines event management with seamless ticketing, loyalty rewards, and premium experiences. Whether you’re organizing a night out, a conference, or a retail promotion, experience innovation at every step.

Youth athlete shaking hands with coach

Redefining youth sports

Embrace innovation and transform your youth sports organization with our comprehensive platform, offering next-level event management, digital identity, rewards, and sponsorship activation.

College team celebrating win

Empowering collegiate champions

Experience a new era of connectivity where student-athletes can amplify their personal brands and fans can forge deeper connections. This is your gateway to harnessing the full potential of college sports in the NIL landscape.

Pro athlete signing autographs

Elevating the pro sports experience

Unlock a world of unparalleled excitement through exclusive perks, unforgettable VIP experiences, and captivating digital collectibles.

Fans attending an Esports event

Leveling up Esports engagement

Dive into a world where gaming comes to life in unprecedented ways, forging connections that reach far beyond the digital realm and include events, experiences and player collectibles.

Optimizing travel and tourism

Open the door to rich immersive experiences across any geographical location in the world. From city passes to convention and trade show tickets and loyalty cards, CounterTEN has you covered. 

Basketball player

Platform features

Digital identity

Craft and shape your digital identity effortlessly with CounterTEN. Our ability to embed stats, credentials, student records and athletic/academic achievement allows for a one-stop identity platform for athletes and students.

Digital identity portal
Control panel

Control and customization

Customize your tickets, experiences, collectibles, and loyalty cards with full control over price, availability, design, utility and quantity.

Embed real-time information and offers

Partnering with CounterTEN allows brands to enhance their collectibles with a range of details, including background narratives, performance statistics, special offers, and more, through a dynamic platform that enables real-time updates for all collectors.

Real-time notifications and information
Downloading easily to a mobile phone

Seamless deployment and usage

Transfer tickets, experiences, digital collectibles and loyalty cards directly to fans’ Apple/Google Wallets with ease.

Instant verification

Authenticate ownership in under two seconds using our patent-pending QR code verification system – without the need to deploy custom hardware or software.

QR code scanner

Powerful design studio

Design tickets, experiences and loyalty cards with full control over branding, images, colors and layout. 

Zero upfront costs

The CounterTEN platform uses a transaction model for the sale of tickets and experiences. There are no upfront costs to use our platform, and brands have full control over the pricing of their tickets. We never charge convenience fees – our model is straightforward and highly profitable for brands using our technology.

The new frontier of Name, Image, Likeness (NIL)

CounterTEN offers an advanced and compelling platform that’s perfectly suited to collegiate sports and NIL. Gone are the days where fans will put up with difficult-to-purchase NFTs that have no real-world value; today it’s about crafting collectibles that offer real, tangible utility and immersive experiences – creating inner circles of exclusivity and deepening fans relationship with sports teams and brands. With CounterTEN, we connect the community and bring real-world value to every participant.

Professional Men Soccer Rookie Card
Football Player
Digital Collectibles for Events, Loyalty and Rewards
Referee Credential Card

Embed real-time information and offers

Partnering with CounterTEN unlocks the capability to enrich each collectible with a wealth of details such as background narratives, performance statistics, special offers, and more. The platform is designed for dynamic content, granting brands the flexibility to make real-time updates to their digital collectibles. These updates are seamlessly propagated to all collectors, ensuring they always have the latest information at their fingertips.

College gymnastics
VIP inner circle

Youth sports reimagined

For the first time, youth athletes have an opportunity to define their legacy. Not only can they customize their own digital collectibles, they can upload their stats, highlight reels, team wins/losses and tournament placements. These identity cards can be activated at sponsors and retailers to provide offers and promotions. Youth sports organizations can reward athletes directly through their collectibles and provide exclusive experiences. Coaches and referees can create credentialed identity cards that can be easily verified by simply scanning a QR code. And  CounterTEN provides the simplest way for coaches and scouts to easily connect with athletes at combines and tournaments.

Youth Boy Soccer Rookie Card
Youth Baseball Rookie Card
Youth Rookie Card

Retail promotions and sponsorship activation

Make retail promotions part of your event management strategy. Embed digital vouchers and offers directly into tickets and collectibles – allowing for in-store redemption anywhere in the world. Airdrop new offers in real time and gamify the redemption experience.

Retail Promotions and Sponsorship Activations

Why CounterTEN?

Complete Control over the Collectible Creation Process
Customize the number of collectible drops, price and quantity – and access a full design studio to make every collectible look spectacular.
Direct Embed for Added Security

Provide customers with a dedicated collectible purchase page, or better yet, embed the collectible directly on your website using a few lines of JavaScript. We put an end to scams and fraud.

Download Collectibles to your Apple/Google Wallet

Let your customers download their collectibles directly to their Apple or Google wallets using our patent-pending technology – exactly as they would a boarding pass or prepaid store card.

Instant Verification IRL

Verify collectibles instantly using our patent-pending QR code verification system. No specialized hardware or software is required – and collectible authenticity and ownership is displayed in seconds.

Oh, and did we mention…

that setting up a collectible on our platform is 100% FREE, Nada, $0.00, Bure (that’s FREE in Swahili)? No gas fees ever! Our transaction fee only kicks in when a collectible is purchased by a customer, which means that the only time WE make money is when YOU make money.

Gamifying the fan experience

Target markets

CounterTEN Top Banner
CounterTEN Banner
Built on the Solana Blockchain
Support for Polygon
Youth flag football

How we compare

Other Platforms
Convenience fees and added charges
Storing tickets and experiences in an Apple / Google wallet
Embedding ownership information on a ticket
Pairing a ticket with an underlying digital asset on the blockchain
Incorporating rich content directly into a ticket
Verifying ticket authenticity and ownership anywhere
Dynamic communication through the ticket itself
Adding offers, coupons and promotions to tickets
Tracking fan usage beyond venues and stadiums
Ethical fan data collection at venues and retailers
Fan cheering

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