Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: CounterTEN implements a patent-pending ticket verification process using QR code technology and blockchain digital assets to ensure secure, unique, verifiable digital ownership. This helps prevent ticket fraud and unauthorized duplication.
A: Yes, CounterTEN is designed to handle events of any size, from small gatherings to large-scale festivals. Our platform is built to handle high ticket volumes efficiently and effectively.
A:  Attendees can easily access their tickets stored in their mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet or Google wallet. In the event they remove the pass from their Apple / Google wallet, they can retrieve it by re-downloading the pass from their ticket confirmation email or accessing it through their CounterTEN website.
A:  At this time, CounterTEN support GA (General Admission) tickets, well as tiered seating (VIP, section/area seating). Assigned seating may be implemented through third-party integration
A:  CounterTEN is building seamless integration with existing event websites and apps. We expect this integration to be live around fall/winter of 2023 and includes easy-to-use APIs and developer tools to ensure smooth integration and a consistent user experience.
A:  CounterTEN facilitates the creation and sale of event tickets and experiences, which will ultimately be created and implemented by a sport or entertainment brand. All refunds and cancellation requests will need to be addressed directly with the brand.
A: Absolutely, CounterTEN is designed to support multi-day or multi-session events. Event holders can create ticket options for different event days or sessions (including annual passes and lifetime tickets), allowing attendees to select the specific dates or sessions they wish to attend.
A:  Yes, CounterTEN provides event holders with real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. Event organizers can access data on ticket sales, attendee demographics, and other valuable insights to inform their event planning and marketing strategies.
A: CounterTEN offers a user-friendly mobile app for on-site ticket scanning and check-in. Event staff can easily scan attendees’ QR-coded tickets using their smartphones or dedicated scanning devices for quick and efficient entry management. Detailed scanning information, including date/time and location are captured as part of the process – allowing brands to determine the times and locations that are busiest to alleviate future bottlenecks.
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Integrating the latest Technology in event management

  1.  Digital Asset Integration:

    Easily store and manage your digital assets with CounterTEN’s secure platform, accessible on mobile devices.


  2. QR Code Verification:

    Experience the simplicity and security of CounterTEN’s QR code verification system, instantly verifying collectibles without the need for specialized hardware or software.


  3. Event Management Types:

    CounterTEN supports various event types, including sports tournaments, concerts, conferences, and retail promotions, providing tailored solutions for each.


  4. Product Offerings:

    Explore CounterTEN’s range of customizable product offerings, including cards, vouchers, and collectibles, designed to boost customer engagement and loyalty.


  5. Premium Experiences:
    Elevate the fan experience with exclusive VIP access, granting attendees special perks such as premium seating, backstage passes, meet-and-greets, and access to exclusive areas, creating unforgettable moments.

  6.  Customization:

    With CounterTEN, unleash your creativity by customizing collectibles for your event, elevating your brand and enhancing audience engagement.


  7.  Zero Upfront Costs:

    Start using CounterTEN without any initial expenses, saving on upfront costs while enjoying the benefits of the platform.


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Benefits/ Why CounterTEN

More Revenue:

 1.  Better Engagement with Your Audience:

2.  Elevated Experience for Your Audience:

Gain More Vital and Precise Consumer Insights:

3. Streamlined Ticket Management:

Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention:
Seamless Integration with Existing Systems:

4. Digital Sponsorship Opportunities/Lead Generation

Beyond Ticketing:
Ticket Customization:
Fast and Easy: