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Pro Sports Experience
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Digital collectibles

Customized digital collectibles curated for sports teams, athletes, educational institutions, and leagues.

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Premium experiences

VIP experiences at events and collaborating retailers, exclusive to digital collectible owners.

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Unique access to athletes

Exclusive opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite athletes and teams through both virtual and physical engagements.

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Event management

Comprehensive event management solutions encompassing ticketing, curated experiences, access facilitation, and innovative promotions.

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The all-encompassing digital passport

A digital passport that unifies an entire college community around the spheres of sports, retail, and entertainment, without necessitating any technical or infrastructural investment.

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Sponsorship activation and retail promotions

Strategically guiding fans to partnering retailers and activating sponsorships via the redemption of promotions and offers.





Behind the scenes

College gymnastics

Partnering with CounterTEN unlocks the capability to enrich each collectible with a wealth of details such as background narratives, performance statistics, special offers, and much more. The platform is designed for dynamic content, granting brands and athletes the flexibility to make real-time updates to their digital collectibles. These updates are seamlessly propagated to all collectors, ensuring they always have the latest information at their fingertips.

VIP inner circle
Offers and Coupons

Platform features

Ethical fan data collection

A forward-thinking approach to ethical fan data collection by incentivizing fans with additional discounts and opportunities at collaborating retailers.

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An aerial view of a shopping center with hundreds of people walking around

Enhanced fan insights

Meticulous tracking of scans and redemptions, facilitating a deeper understanding of fan behavior and preferences.

An aerial view of a shopping center with hundreds of people walking around

Transaction-based revenue model

Ensures zero upfront costs for collectives, schools, athletes, and teams for the creation of digital collectibles, bespoke events, and immersive experiences.

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A person holding up an autographed sports jersey

Complete control over the secondary market

Empowering decision-making on reselling collectibles, and the setting of royalty breakdowns on a per-collectible basis.

A person holding up an autographed sports jersey
Basketball player
Basketball rookie card
Football Player
Professional Men Soccer Rookie Card
Youth basketball athlete

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