Esports engagement and collectibles

Amplify Esports engagement with digital collectibles, premium experiences, loyalty, and rewards

Step into the future of Esports with CounterTEN's innovative platform, merging blockchain technology, fan engagement, and brand partnerships to create immersive experiences that extend beyond the screen

The CounterTEN Esports platform

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Premium experiences for LAN tournaments

CounterTEN provides a comprehensive platform to manage smart ticketing and premium experiences for Esports LAN tournaments. Allow your fans to connect with Esports athletes at tournaments, create a deeper connection between fans and athletes, and open the door to new revenue streams along the way.

Esports team and player collectibles

CounterTEN allows Esports teams and players to create digital collectibles that showcase their achievements, statistics, and gaming history. Connect with fans, share insider tips, and create a private network of followers. 

Content and communication

Esports athletes finally have an alternative to Discord for content and communication with their closest fans. Drop unique content, challenges, and opportunities to win prizes, using a platform that is built directly into the  Apple or Google wallet – with no app download required.

Sponsorship and retail partnerships

CounterTEN creates opportunities for brands and sponsors to reach a highly engaged Esports audience. Through our platform, brands can offer a wide range of retail discounts, coupons, promotions, and rewards. These benefits extend beyond the Esports tournament venue, allowing participants to enjoy special offers from partnering retailers and sponsors around the world. 

Esports conferences and trade shows

Unlock opportunities to gamify experiences at Esports conferences and trade shows. Manage VIP access and capture scans at booths, rewarding fans with experiences and prizes.

The inner circle

Offer exclusive benefits to dedicated fans, including VIP access to tournaments, meet-and-greets with Esports athletes, 1v1 coaching, guest invitations to compete with athletes, and more.

Esports tournament
Esports Tournament
Youth Boy Soccer Rookie Card
Youth Baseball Rookie Card
Youth Rookie Card

Platform features

Brand new revenue streams

Unlock new revenue streams. Earn royalties from secondary sales of digital collectibles and monetize post-event opportunities.

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gamer sitting in front of leaderboard with names and rankings

Real-time updates

Keep your audience informed with real-time updates on the latest Esports news, match results, and player/team updates.

gamer sitting in front of leaderboard with names and rankings

Valuable insights through ethical fan data collection

Harness ethical fan data for valuable insights. Tailor your offerings and engagement strategies based on engagement metrics without compromising user privacy.

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Downloading easily to a mobile phone

QR code validation

Enhance event entry and reward redemption with patent-pending QR code verification – right from the Apple and Google wallet – minimizing the risk of fraud and ensuring a seamless experience for attending fans.

Downloading easily to a mobile phone

Enhanced player engagement

Create deeper connections with fans through unique in-person experiences, digital collectibles, and personalized content.

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Esports Event

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